You are dictators and remember that there is democracy here

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Mr. Anil Murthy: are you aware that fans of Valencia do not want you at Mestalla? Do you know that when it gets decided that the fans can go back to mestalla, maybe you are the one not going to be able to do it?

I’m going to tell you something. You are by far the worst president of our club in many years, and in addition, you know nothing about football, you only know how to go to restaurants, do nothing, and live like a millionaire, but I think that very soon we, the Valencia fans, are going to change that situation, and you will have to go to Singapore.

I’m telling you. You will not be able to bear the pressure that this mass of fans are going to throw against you, and do you know why? Because you cannot manage a club with the history of our Valencia, as if it were a third division team, in addition to despising us in a daily basis.

Look, let’s be clear. I’ll tell you straight. You are bad people. You can not even be the president of a chess club in Singapore, because you are inept, and you are also a dictator. 

You are not democratic, and you don’t mind at all the opinion of the people who fill Mestalla when Valencia plays at its stadium and that has to finish or the funs will finish it.

Last but not least, I’m going to tell you, to tell your boss to face it and come to Valencia, that here we don’t eat anyone, but we would tell him what we think of his management of Valencia CF.

You are dictators and remember that there is democracy here 1
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